Happiness looks gorgeous on you!

" As a child, I have always been on the healthier side. My relatives would tell me that I should join a gym. It bothered me a lot. That is when the journey of me not liking my body began. I would not wear certain clothes because I wouldn't look good in them. I have been going to a dietitian since I was 16 because my mother kept insisting. But now even she knows that it can be quite depressing. I would loose weight, I would put on some. It took a toll on me mentally and physically.

Sometimes I would want people to just LET ME BE. I am happy the way I am. Recently I have stopped caring about what people say. I have never been happier. Of course my weight still bothers me. But that's for my concern. I work out to be fit and it is for myself that I do it, not for anybody else. I am happy I am fat.

Back when I was struggling with weight issues and body image issues, I remember being told," Oh you were so thin at your wedding." That obviously was the case because every bride puts in the extra efforts to fit into their clothes better and to look more toned and pretty. I recall the day before my sangeet, I was eating a vadapav and my make-up artist said," You are the first bride I have seen who is eating fried food before going on stage." And I was shocked by the comment because that one vada pav would not kill me or make my tummy look any less flat. At that point I started negating everybody's comments about my body. Later, when I started dancing in 2016, I saw a lot of artists performing in front of me. They came in all shapes and sizes. I thought of how their body shape didn't matter to them, why should it matter to me. It still was a struggle though.

Fat shaming happens to both boys and girls, but, primarily, girls. We are told that men will not take interest in us because we are fat. But I don't understand why this happens. What has my weight got to do with my personality. I am a very happy person and I love positive vibes. My husband is really supportive. He is happy as long as I am happy. Same goes with my family. I don't care about the world. But, of course, I still do get comments about my body. Just recently one of my friends told me that I should do something about my body weight since I have put on some weight. I simply smiled and told her," But I am happy." To this she said nothing because if it doesn't affect me, people will realise that commenting is pointless.

If you are responsible for your own thinking, nobody else can affect your mindset as long as you are clear about what you want to do and achieve. If you are happy the world is happy. Nothing that anybody does will bother you. I believe that you should surround yourself with people who support your being. They are always looking out for you. That being said never let anybody's judgement affect you. You are who you are and you should do what makes you happy. "