Who Are We?

At Exhale Label, we want to inspire the world with our positive affirmations one story at a time. We create products based on real people, real emotion and real stories and name the product after what we call our ‘Exhale Warriors’!
So here’s to building a community that says, ‘It’s ok not to be okay!’

” If someone asked me 6 months ago, where I saw myself in the next 5 years,
I would have said, ‘I don’t think I’ll live to see 30’. Today that answer is different, courtesy therapy and medication. 19 out of my 26 years have been spent battling a plethora of mental illnesses. “

- Minnati Zaveri


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Exhale With A Cause


We believe that ‘Everyone has a story’, everyone just like YOU. That has been Exhale Label’s motto since we started in 2018. Every purchase you make supports an environmental charity or organizations that look after individuals who have been survivors. We believe everyone should be in a position to realise their full potential, coping with past and daily stressors, living productive lives and contributing to their community.