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"You know how you have shitty days in school when your friends are mean to you or some boy broke up with you but he would be home and I would come to him and sit with him and just cry to him or talk to him about my feelings because it was the most pure relationship that I had because he wasn’t judging me for anything so I could say what I wanted and do what I wanted and I knew i’ll still get a great amount of love. I would want my child to grow up with a dog just for that reason because that kind of friendship and that kind of love is irreplaceable. At 18 I had decided Snuggle would be my first tattoo and Diya also said ‘lets do it together’ because he’s been our childhood. He was literally our sibling and now there will always be a piece of him we will always have and share.

When snuggle passed away that one week was a blur for me, I was very overwhelmed and constantly crying. I was preparing myself for that day as he was 14 yrs. old but you’re never really prepared and I knew his health was deteriorating but I did not think that we would have to put him down. It was the hardest decision of my life and I had no idea I had it in me to tell the Doctor to put him down. Diya and I looked at each other at one point and realised we can’t see him suffer like this. A piece of me is missing. I went to see a psychologist as I did not know how to cope with the grief effectively. He was home for us. Till today I look for him around the house. Before snuggle passed I had never faced a death of a family member and he was my life."