Falling in Love With Me

"Let’s talk about heartbreak. The one that only you can feel, the one that creates a series of knots in your stomach, that chokes your throat, that makes you question too much, love to little, makes you spend hours, days or weeks wondering what went wrong, who went wrong and then makes you use that as fuel to ignite your heart with everything you don’t deserve to feel and everything you don’t deserve to become. I’ve felt one such earthquake heartbreak, & the day I woke up several kilometers under the bottom of the pit I realised I had gone too far maybe you have been there too? Let me tell you a little I wish I could tell myself then. It’s easier said than done, I know, but consider this a hug from me to you & one for that heart of yours too.

1. Healing takes time - It got easy to live in the shadow of my heartache. It got easy to use it to rationalise my behaviour. It got easy to blame but it only filled me up with little bubbles of sadness that took up way too much room. Some of them are still in me today and every time I feel one pop I realise how much love I still need to give myself everyday because love is what I deserve. 2. Unconditional love from myself (first) - You're going to have to face being alone at several junctions of your life. (even if your in a perfect relationship & everything is exactly as you imagined). So please invest in being your own friend. Work to understand your heart & your mind more than you invest in showing it to the world. Seek your own approval, your own likes and shares and comments. Your inner voice will call you out even when the world will praise you so listen to your voice and lay your life out on it. That voice will guide you with more stability than the world will. Take yourself on dates, have coffee with yourself because there is so much you more you have to lose when you don’t.

3. You got this - Your partner, friend, colleagues, parents, siblings are not solely responsible for your happiness. They are human, they error, they have their own emotions, moods, highs, lows. Their journey might be intertwined with yours but it’s still independent of you. Yes, you should stop and reevaluate when relationships drain you of your joy. They may come with hardships because they are handled and steered by other human emotions but they need not drain you of your happiness. Your joy is yours to cherish, rescue and hold on too. Your joy is relevant the same way theirs is too. 4. You're magic - There is no one single situation powerful enough to become a definition of you. Yes, you can take your time and make mistakes and you can hurt but you’re not defined by all your low days just like you’re not defined by all your good ones !! You’re more !!So move my love, dance, grow, shift, change and bloom. You’re here and you’re more than enough for all of you. PS- And as you fall in love with yourself (first) let the world come in and love you too."